Box steel is one of the important and indispensable iron and steel materials in the construction industry, helping to ensure the strength as well as improve the aesthetics of the building.

With great advantages such as high height, great pressure resistance as well as anti-corrosion and rust resistance in harsh weather environments. Therefore, constructions using box steel always have very high durability.

The main application of box steel is used to make foundations for large construction projects, frames for high-rise buildings. In addition, they are also used to make stair railings, mechanical engineering, interior and exterior and many other applications.

The price of box steel is usually not too high, so it will save a lot of costs during the construction process. Box steel is also one of the few types of steel that customers as well as construction contractors are interested in choosing for use in construction.

Types of box steel
Currently, box steel is being used popularly for many architectural works and in daily life, from small family projects, to large state projects, apartment buildings, shopping centers, etc. shopping,…

To meet the requirements of the works, box steel is now produced in 2 forms: Square box steel with rectangular box steel comes with a lot of product sizes for you to freely choose the right type. best for project design. Some popular sizes today such as: 12×12, 14×14, 40×40, 90×90, 40×80, 45×90… and the length of each tree is 6m.

Steel square box

Steel rectangular box

In addition to dividing by shape, box steel is also divided into 2 types: galvanized box steel and black box steel. In particular, galvanized steel box is a product that is resistant to rust, creating aesthetics for the project, so the price is usually higher than black box steel. In addition, each product has a different thickness and size, so there are also different costs, so determining exactly which type of box steel is suitable for your project’s architecture will help you save money. maximum cost savings.