Rectangular box steel plays a very important role in the construction industry today because of its good corrosion resistance, high durability, helping the construction to extend the time of use and the life of the work. The average life of steel can be up to 60 years.

Rectangular box steel is often used to make beams, steel trusses, frames, pipes, and stair railings.

Like square box steel, rectangular box steel is also divided into 2 main types: galvanized rectangular steel and black rectangular steel. Each product has a different thickness and size. Determining the exact specifications and sizes of steel to use helps contractors and investors save a lot of costs during the construction process.

Specifications of rectangular box steel
Steel box products provided by us include the following specifications:

Main specifications: 10×30, 13×26, 20×40, 25×50, 30×60, 40×80, 45×90, 50×100, 60×120, 100×150, 100×200.

(If you want to buy square box steel products with other specifications, please contact hotline 0889 811 486)

Length: 6m/tree.

Thickness: From 0.6 to 3.5mm (depending on the manufacturer).


Steel rectangular box

Steel rectangular box

Steel rectangular box