C steel, C purlin is a steel with a C-shaped cross section. The steel used to make purlins is called C steel purlin. C purlin steel is divided into 2 types: black purlin and purlin. galvanized grove. In which, galvanized C purlin steel is the material that many customers trust and choose the most for their projects.

C-shaped steel, galvanized C-purlin is manufactured on the basis of high strength steel G350 – 450 MPa, zinc coating is Z100 – 275 g/m² according to Japanese and EU standards.

C-shaped steel, Black C-purlins are manufactured by cold-rolling and hot-rolling methods. Steel is imported or domestically produced by large corporations specializing in steel production.

C-shaped steel is widely used in civil and industrial constructions such as making frames, beams, purlins, beams,….

Advantages of C Steel Purlin
Low production, installation and maintenance costs.

Good corrosion resistance, no need to use additional anti-rust paint attached.

Various specifications and sizes, suitable for all types of structures.

Allowing very large spans but still ensuring the allowed safety.