H steel is a steel with a cross-sectional area similar to an H-shaped section. H-shaped steel has a special feature that stands out from other shaped steel products in its extremely good bearing capacity thanks to its wide surface and solid structure.

H-shaped steel is often used in industries such as road and bridge construction, industrial building construction, shipbuilding industry. In addition, they are also used as technical structures, weighing levers, radio towers, lifting machinery, container frames, warehouse shelves, lifting and transporting machines, making piles for hot floors of factories, etc.

H-shaped steels are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each size is used for a different purpose. Therefore, depending on different projects with different technical requirements, separate H-shaped steels will be applied to ensure cost savings and work quality as well as safety during the construction process.

Standard of H-shaped steel
Russian steel grade CT3 according to Gost 380-38 . standard

Steel grade SS400 of Japan, steel grade Q235B, Q345B of China according to JIS G3101, SB410, 3030,…

American grade A36 steel according to ATSM A36, A572 Gr50, SS400,…