I steel is a steel with a cross-sectional shape similar to an I shape. Steel is widely used in industrial and civil construction (used as bending beams, load-bearing frame structures, bridge spans, …) due to its relatively good bearing capacity.

Like other types of section steel, I-shaped steel is produced in many different sizes. Each size will be used for a different purpose. Depending on the technical requirements of each project, customers will choose their own I steel products to ensure the quality of the work is safe as well as save costs during the construction process.

People rely on Steel Grade to have quality assessment standards for I-shaped steel. Here are some popular steel grades on the market today.

Russian steel grade CT3 is produced according to GOST 380-88 standards.

SS400 steel grade of Japan is manufactured according to SB410, JIS G3101, 3010 standards.

American A36 steel grade is manufactured according to ATSM A36 standard.

China’s SS400, Q235B steel grades are manufactured according to SB410, JIS G3101, 3010 standards.