L steel (L-shaped steel, L-angle steel) is a steel with the same cross-sectional shape as an L. The steel is manufactured on modern technological lines according to ASTM, JIS G3101, KD S3503, GB/T 700 standards. , EN10025-2, A131.

Features and applications of steel

L-shaped steel and V-shaped steel are generally quite similar. But L-shaped steel is usually heavier in size and weight than V-angle (equilateral angle steel).

The outstanding characteristics of L steel are very high hardness and strength, great bearing capacity, strong vibration resistance, resistance to adverse effects of weather and chemicals. Particularly for hot-dip galvanized L-shaped steel, it also has very good corrosion and rust resistance.


With its outstanding properties, L-shaped steel is widely applied in all civil & industrial construction industries. Steel is used in factory structures, balance beams, shipbuilding industry, bridges, television towers,….

Specifications of L . shaped steel
Steel grade: A36, SS400, Q235B, S235JR

Standard: ASTM, JIS G3101, KD S3503, GB/T 700, EN10025-2, A131.

Origin: Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Taiwan


Thickness: From 3 to 24mm

Length: From 6 to 12m

Steel Shape L