Z purlin has the advantage of light weight, so it is often used in industrial projects, factories with large spans. At the same time, the use of Z purlins will help reduce construction costs.

Produced on modern technological lines according to international standards. The main raw material for production is galvanized steel or hot rolled steel. From steel tape, through the rolling process by specialized machines, high quality Z purlins have a clean, smooth surface, even thickness, high ductility and good zinc adhesion.


D is the height of the purlin body
B1/B2 is the width of 2 purlin wings
S is the height of the purlin beard
H is the hole center
Example: Purlin Z150 x 62 x 68 x 20 x 2.0mm. Yes :

D : 150mm
B1 : 62mm
B2 : 68mm
S : 20mm
Thickness: 2mm


Z Shaped Steel Purlin

Z Shaped Steel Purlin